Blog dedicated to the new relationship (or soon to be) between Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner


ok harry officially lost his chill forever theres no gaining it back hes done


y’all thought he was playing



ride or die with Harry Styles 

harry … .

Anonymous said: c'mon, please answer my queqtion about if you've met harry or kendall !! i'm waiting :P


Anonymous said: Have you ever met Harry or Kendall ?? = )

nooo :(

Anonymous said: Last anon - She made the blog for the same reasons you made yours. Like the idea of a couple then why not? If yours is about a person/group or whatever, you've made it because thats what you like. Its no different, stop trying to bring people down by stupid questions where you'd have a near enough response to.

Thank you! But understand, it didn’t hurt me not a bit. Since the beginning I have gotten messages saying they hate me, I’m stupid, I think someone told me to die once lol, but not a single one of those messages ever made me upset or hurt the slightest. This blog is not my life. It was just a hobby that made me smile. So seeing people who send hate only made me laugh. I still ship hendall and am here for whenever it happens! No one will ever make me delete or stop shipping it! :)

It’s sad how some people still tag hate in the Hendall tag and think that it was ever legit.

Anonymous said: why would you make this blog?

Because I like Kendall and I like Harry and I like the idea of them being a couple, I don’t understand how this is not obvious?

Anonymous said: You are so stupid

StuPID am how I !

Anonymous said: Kendall is a bitch

Why are you telling me this though? I am not Kendall.

Anonymous said: heeyyy!! can you make some pics of Harry and Kendall in coachella ?? But i mean, they both like looking happy :)

Um … they weren’t together there? i didn’t see them together…

Anonymous said: Hii!! loving your blog! :) what about Harry and Kendall sitting together and smiling? idk haha :)

Wait, when was this??

Anonymous said: I miss you soo much even if anything it's happening right now! I want to know your throught about justin and Kendall ck rumors and all the drama who coming with that ( date rumors,selena being jealous)

Aww, babe, I had fun with all the hendall stuff. If Justin and Kendall ever dated I probably wouldn’t even bother visiting Kendalls instagram or anything because well, he is really awful. But I’m sure it’s all rumors. x